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watchers-decree Carrium means "Message From God!"

Carrium: 03-22-35th Year

81st Day

The 3rd Month of The 35th Year!


5th Day of the week, which is called Thursday!

"Instructions In Righteousness!"


fiery-swordIf doing what God wants done does not delight you, there is no sense in doing it!  You must have all joy and delight in whatever you are doing for the Lord!  Nothing He commands you must be grievous to you!  Do it with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength!

We have some sight!  I thought about this: You gave sight to those who were completely blind: but, we have some sight!  How much more You can restore our sight!  You can remove the cause of this, and restore our sight for us, if You will!  If You will, you can!  Cherry, Riech, Felicia, Ruben, and myself are having to use eyeglasses!  We have not been able to see with our natural eyes for a long time.  I know the sight is there, because when I squint my eyes, I start to see things clearer; but, not completely.  I began writing this paragraph without my glasses on.  The words are very blurry!  But, I rejoice in the thoughts and meditations I am given about the Greatness of Your Power and Ability!  And, I said, "I long to see Your Power and Might to restore that which was taken away!"  This is Awesome!  I continue to type without the glasses on.  And, it is true, You do give sight to the blind; and, that pertains to both Spiritual and physical blindness.  If this is Your Will, O Heavenly Father, I ask that You would restore our sight!

I was given to recover the other Wordpress site: http://www.flaming-emerald.net.

"The Fear of God" is the Beginning of Wisdom!  Without that Fear, there can be no Wisdom!  God's Laws are to be respected, no matter what you think!  A day came when the Fear of God came into my heart!  It was a day in Del Rio, Texas, as I walked along a certain street, I became very afraid of God!  It was a day like that day which happened to King David!  David had no fear of God before that!  But, the day that God slew Uzza for grabbing hold onto the Ark, David became afraid of God.  This is written in 1st Chronicles 13, saying, "And when they came unto the threshingfloor of Chidon, Uzza put forth his hand to hold the ark, because the oxen stumbled.   And the anger of the LORD was kindled against Uzza, and He smote him, because he put his hand to the ark: and there he died before God.   And David was displeased, because the LORD had made a breach upon Uzza: and, for this reason that place is called Perezuzza to this day.   And David was afraid of God that day, saying, How shall I bring the ark of God home to me?"

You sin: but, do you realize His Anger for those sins!  Those who realize His Anger, repents quickly!  Psalm 19:9; "The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring forever! The judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether."


As He (Jesus Christ) is, so are we in this world!

No one had ever seen Light being formed before; so, how could they understand what they were seeing?  Many opinions were being expressed; but, none knew the Truth about what was going on with me!  I was like a child struggling and kicking in the womb, struggling to be born, and to be free of that confinement!  A root was coming up out of dry ground!  A Tree of Righteousness, a planting of the Lord, was coming up, and growing up before their faces as the Word said would be!

And, one day, while walking along Interstate 10 in West Texas, the Lord spoke to me about my boundaries!  He said, "The heaven (sky) above you is your ceiling!  The four corners, north, south, east and west are your walls; and, the earth beneath your feet is the carpet I have laid out for you!"  I saw the terrain, and the colors!  He said, "Who can lay out a carpet like that?"  I looked up at the sky above, and laughed, saying, "Lord, just don't let the roof leak tonight!"  It was humor, and a comfortable and joyous relationship; but, developed in all respect for Him because of Who He is.

Some people think they know me, but don't!  People are just clicking on these web sites, and running on!  Be still; and, know it is God who speaks from these sites!  You are not spending time with Him; so, therefore, He is not spending time with you!  He is Judging you by your thoughts!  You got that habit of clicking and running; and, that is because you are infected with the spirit of "Running To and Fro!"  Why would you expect God to spend time listening to you when you won't spend any time listening to Him?  He is to you as you are to Him!  You are showing Him what He has to say is not important to you!  You have that spirit of self-importance about you, and a wanting to be popular!  Then, you pray, as you suppose you are!  He will not hear you because you are showing you don't want to hear Him!  You are deceived!

The mind must be purged of all evil, because these evils will rise up to hinder in the time of need!  Take it seriously, whatsoever God points out to you!  He does not point out these things to condemn us; but, that we might be free from their influences!

"Not Being Offended Anymore!"

Attempts will be made to try to cause you to become bitter so that your prayers will be hindered: but, a Watch is set for all of those who ask for it.  This attempt to cause bitterness will come by those whom you are trying to help!  But, the Watch will be there to keep you.  Your prayers are important!  You will show compassion: but, offensive words will be shot towards you!  And, remember the prayer for your joy remaining!  Get what you need!  The Help of the Lord is Mighty; and, none of us will lose what we have gained!  There is nothing hidden that God will not reveal!


(Saturday: The 7th Day of The Week!)
(From Texarkana, Texas)

        O Lord my God, send help unto us to help us with all of our problems; and, let these problems be utterly destroyed from our midst; and, from within us! Thoroughly purge us, O God: and, cause Your Dominion to rule within us! Make Your Dwelling place to be completely clean, I pray Thee! And, cause us to know You as our True Dwelling Place! Amen!

        O Lord Michael, fight! Defeat the wicked in battle, because the battle belongs to the Lord! Defend us with Power and Might; and, with the Authority, which You have been given by our Lord and Savior, I pray Thee! Let the wicked be made ashamed; and, let them be put to confusion! As it was done in Heaven, when Satan and all his forces were cast out, so let it be done from within us, also! Drive out all the wickedness; and, seal it up, so that no place in the heart can be found for them anymore, and forever! Amen!

        Our Father, Which art in Heaven: hallowed be Your Name! Your Kingdom come! Your Will be done in earth as it is in Heaven!  Your Will was that no evil would abide in Heaven ever again; and, You had all the evil cast out: therefore, let this be done within us as it was done in Heaven! For You do a quick work! Let believing be established; and, let there be no place found for doubting in us, I pray Thee, in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, Who did overcome all evil!  I speak the Truth according to Your Word; and, You will not disregard Your Word: but, You do honor Your Word! And, Your Word is exalted; and, Your Word is magnified! Blessed is Your Word; and, Blessed are You Who gave us the Word! Let the great company that published the Word be manifested, I pray Thee! Thank You for giving me the Words to speak unto You! Thank You for the relief from our enemies who attack us constantly!  Thank You for this time of peace! Bless us with more of Your Understanding, I pray Thee; and, give us the Wisdom and Knowledge of the Most High God: and, cause Your Thoughts to rule in our hearts, I pray Thee!  Cause all our errors to be made manifest to us; and, help us with the corrections, because good and perfect works glorifies You! Let Glory be given to Your Holy Name: and, remove far from us everything that brings about shame to Your Name; and, utterly destroy it, so that we see it no more, forever!  It is better for us, that You see it no more forever!  Cast it away from us, my Lord! Amen!

        Pour out the Spirit of Generosity upon all of us, I pray Thee! Let those that have, be generous in giving to those that don't have: and, let the sharing be seen in our midst, I pray Thee! All things come to us in the time which You have appointed for them to come forth! You add to us daily such as is pleasing to You! Give us this day our daily bread; and, cause us to use all that You give unto us this day; and, let nothing be left over, as it was with the manna, which You gave to Israel! This is the Perfect and Blessed Way: and, let the Confidence in You show itself, I pray Thee! Amen!

        Thank You for comforting us; and, for instructing us in what to do about the problems, which we were experiencing this morning when we awakened!  Thank You for sending the Angel with the prayers, which You wanted us to pray unto You! Thank You for the Spirit of Thankfulness and Appreciation, to show our thankfulness, and appreciation to You, for what You mean to us; and, for what You have done for us! Thank You for the Holy Joy! So that this Joy might remain; give us that which we need for the Joy to remain, I pray Thee! What is it that we need, O Lord? Thank You for defeating all anxiousness in the battle! Chase them; and, overtake them; and, utterly destroy them, I pray Thee! Amen!

        Blessed are You, O Lord Gabriel, the Messenger Angel, Whom the Lord sends unto His servants with the Reports!  Give us the Reports! Give us skills; and, cause us to understand by the Authority of the Lord Jesus Christ! Cause us to abide in the skills to communicate the understanding to others, also! Let the skills remain, and be magnified always, I pray Thee! Amen!

        Let this be part of our permanent package, O Lord, I pray Thee! Help us with our testimonies; and, give us to be able to testify more effectively, and perfectly, whereby You are Glorified! Let the Goodness of the Lord be made manifest by our testimonies!  Give us perfect skills in testifying of Your Goodness, and of Your Wonderful works! Let the hearts of the people be made glad by our testimonies; and, let them receive encouragement, I pray Thee! Send forth the Spirit to help us with testifying; and, cause the Spirit to abide in us; and, we abide in the Spirit; and, cause Him to abide with the others, also, I pray Thee! Amen!

        O Lord God of my Peace, cause us to be still: and, be You exalted in our hearts, and in our midst! Amen!

“When The Memory of Things Becomes A Blank!”

        I also remember that I had seen in another dream that there was a man who could not remember the old name of the company that he use to work for.  He no longer worked for this company! How does this appear to people, when it is hard for us to remember something? But, when we need to remember something, it is good that we be able to remember it immediately, because this gives Glory to the Power of God; and, it bears witness to the Word of God, which says He is A Faithful Helper to us in all things. It is not good for a Christian to show forgetfulness, because this is not a Way of the Lord!  The Spirit within us is the Power to remember things! Temporarily forgetting shall not be overlooked, as it so often is!  There is a reason for this! Amen!

        The company had changed its name! Old names are the names, which should have been remembered more easily: but, remembering the new name is what should have been the problem! But, remembering the old name was the problem.  Therefore, the inability to remember things is the true problem; and, that is what is being made manifest at this time! "Forgetting" is a thing, which the Lord your God will utterly destroy! Amen!

        Blessed are You, O Lord Most Holy, Who have chosen to destroy this evil! Let Your Will be done; and, do to it as it pleases You! Amen!

        The old things are those things, which we are very familiar with, because we have been involved with them for a long time!  Many people are depending on familiarity for their remembrance! This is actually memorizing something! But, we are not to depend on familiarity with things as our remembrance, either! That is a way that can be made to fail. But, how confident are we when we have to work with unfamiliar things? Even though we may have worked with something for a long time; the memory of things can become temporarily blocked at times; and, we sometimes cannot remember certain words, or certain names. My Lord, what is the cause of this? Let whatsoever is the cause of this be removed; and, be utterly destroyed: for this is not a way that reflects Your Nature! Amen!

        This is because things are memorized, rather than being committed to the Holy Ghost for remembrance. Amen!

        Therefore, I commit the remembrance of my dreams unto You, O Lord Holy Ghost! And, let the memorizing of things be destroyed, I pray Thee! Amen!

        There are words that we have used many times, as it was with the word "courage!" Suddenly, the memory of how to spell the word went blank in the middle of writing!  I had to insert the word in a writing as I was reading a written Report onto a tape, on 05/21/1999: but, there was nothing but a blank when I looked for the memory of the spelling of the word.  My wife spelled the word out to me: but, this is not satisfactory to me! What do we do when no one else is around? And, because this was brought to Light; I know, many people are suffering with this problem!  I thank You, O Lord, for bringing this to Light, so that others may know how to deal with this problem.  Therefore, I ask that the listening to the Holy Ghost speaking things to us, will be made perfect; and, let all information come forth clearly! That was not something to be overlooked! Things like this has a tendency to go unnoticed: and, therefore, it can get worse, and increase in strength, if it is not dealt with when we are made aware of it.  Remember what the Lord said about the small things doing the most damage.  Many times we do overlook these things; and, with a laugh, we dismiss it as being nothing!  This thing could rise up to become a serious problem at a later time!  Amen!

        You, O Lord God Holy Ghost, are Full of Power and Strength: give Strength to our minds, O Lord, I pray Thee! O Heavenly Father, give us more of the Holy Ghost as the Lord Jesus said You would do, if we shall ask of You! Amen!

        The Remembrance of the Righteous is blessed: and, You are our Remembrance to remember for us! You even speak things to us that we never knew!  Be You exalted, O Lord; and, do these things for us, I pray Thee! Amen!

        Let there be nothing of Death to be found abiding in me, I pray Thee! O Life, be You exalted; and, be You magnified! Purge us of all of the instruments of Death; and, utterly destroy them, my Lord, so that we see them no more forever! Amen!

        In the dream, it was known that the man use to work for this company when it was known by the old name! This was the same company; but, the new owners had changed the company's name! What about these name changes?  Judas was clearly identified as being the son of perdition: but, don't expect the son of perdition to go by the name of Judas when he shall appear again! The thing will always work the same: but, it may not come with the same name as it used of old! How many people do you see with the name Jezebel? But, she is clearly mentioned in the Book of Revelation!  This is why we are not given to pay attention to the name that the person or thing calls itself by: but, we must look at how certain people and things worked, and what it produced of old!  We will recognize it by its works, and by what it produces! Amen!

        We use to work for the company of Satan: but, that company has changed its name! It is using names that identifies itself with Christianity!  But, it is still producing the same things!  The new name was more in remembrance, than the old name! Notice how the focus was on the name of the company; and, nothing was being said about what kind of products the company produced!  How have we focused on the names of things, and have not focused on how the thing works; and, have not paid attention to the fruit that it is baring? Just because something attaches a Christian name to itself; that does not mean it is producing righteous fruits!  Amen!

        Why does not God speak of the nations and the people by names, which they are known by in these days?  God is speaking of the names of places, in these days, by the spiritual names of old!  The way these spirits worked of old, is what God is calling these places by in these days, even though the names of the places have changed!  When He see the workings of those places; the names of old comes to His Remembrance; and, that is what He will refer to this thing as!  Babylon is the name which God calls America by!  Babylon is a place where all manner of evil spirits are collected!  Babylon has a school system that teaches what the government has decided for the children to learn!  Refer to the Book of Daniel, chapter one! When God looked upon what is called the United States of America; He saw the workings of every foul, and every unclean spirit in the land: and, therefore, He referred to the nation as Babylon: the Great Whore! Did not Nebu-chad-nezzar declare that the God of Daniel was the True and Living God, and did make a decree that the whole kingdom should worship Him?  Is this not what the Constitution of the United States proclaims?  The Lord God saw many people calling themselves by His Name: but, He saw an abundance of the ways of darkness being practiced, by those who are called by His Holy Name! Within the spirit that is called Babylon, is also the spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah, and every other evil name mentioned in the Bible.  And, when you read about these places in the Bible; pay attention to how these places operated; and then, turn to see if you don't see this going on in this land! No matter what the name is in these days: the Lord God will still call it by names of old; and, this is what is throwing people off in their identifying of the places, which the New Testament is speaking about; and, the places that the Prophets of old are speaking about! God is speaking Spiritually: but, most people are thinking physically! Amen!

        Wasting of food and idleness were two of the chief ways that made up the spirit called Sodom and Gomorrah!  Have you seen evidence of that spirit working in America?  When God said that there were Sodomites in the land: He is saying that such ways, as were seen existing in Sodom and Gomorrah, were seen in this land! Many have the belief that homosexuality was the chief sin of Sodom and Gomorrah: but, it was not!  Many nations had that kind of spirit operating in it: but, what nation has an abundance of knowledge as this nation; and, what nation on earth can fill the dumps with discarded food as this nation does? Refrigerators are stocked with leftovers: and then, thrown out, because the people want something new every day.  Pleasures, and idleness, and the fullness of bread (much food and knowledge), and wasting are found in her! (Is there a Sodom and Gomorrah spirit ruling over your individual houses? This wasting is also the cause of many houses burning down!) These are the things that were reported by the Prophet Jeremiah as being found in Sodom and Gomorrah! But, the Lord said that this nation exceeded the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah; and, that is why He went on to call her Babylon!  She was greater in sins than any of the other nations before her: and, therefore, the Lord said her sins were as a great mountain, which would extend all the way up into outer space, if her sins could be piled up with physical things, like that which she cast into her dumps.  (Revelation 18)  If that were a mountain, would it not be noticed above all mountains on earth? How could anyone not notice such a great mountain?  That is what is meant by her sins have mounted up to heaven. How can God overlook such a great abundance of sins being committed continually before His Face, by a people that go about calling themselves a Christian nation?  Look at the list of things which are spoken of in Revelation 18, and see if there is not an abundance of these things found in this land.  This should also tell you that you need to give your attention to being purged of your evil, seeing that God has pronounced utter destruction for this nation! Amen!

        I was given a name change by the Lord! The Lord gave me the interpretation of the name: and, I asked Him to cause me to become the meaning of my name! My name is translated to mean, “Warrior: Divine Angel of God!” In my youth, my parents had given me the name David Eugene, which is interpreted to mean “Beloved: of royal birth!” But, I was nothing like a “David Eugene” in my lifestyle! By what name would God have called me, according to the ways I presented before Him? But, the Lord knew what I would become, even as He called Simon by the name of Peter, long before he became a stone!  But, Simon did eventually live up to the name which the Lord called him by. As time went on, I became use to being called by my new name: but, the Lord does frequently call to me by the name of David, which means “Beloved of God!”  When you call a man by the name of David, you are actually saying, “Beloved!”  It is like He is saying, “Beloved, go do this; and, go speak this; or, write this!” My new name is more in remembrance than my old name! Amen!

        But, concerning this dream: this man had worked for this company before it was sold to another person; and, the name was changed; and, the man could not remember what it used to be! I had worked with this person at this company when it was under the old name! What does this mean? Amen!

        O Lord, You have spoken to us about not taking anything lightly that You give us. This is important! And, You did cause it to come to my remembrance. I pray that the people would be caused to stop leaning to their own understanding about those things that You show them in dreams. Amen!

        I will not be flattered by any lies! I will not rejoice in any lies! I will not use a lie for any purpose! Blessed is the Power of God that keeps us in all His Ways! O Holy Father, I truly thank You for defeating the purpose of the wicked; and, for keeping my soul from being spotted! That's the God that I rejoice in!  I am totally dependent on You! I do not wish to rely on myself for anything, ever again: not even to remember anything!  Amen!
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